How do you make oat drink?

We have developed and patented a technology that we have refined and optimized over the course of more than 20 years. First, we grind the oats with hot water so that the starch swells. Then we add carefully selected natural enzymes that break down the starch. This results in a liquid consistency and a pleasant sweetness. We then remove the insoluble fibers to get a smooth product, and to this we add a pinch of salt. A unique quality of our oat drink is that the patented manufacturing process preserves the natural and health-promoting soluble oat fiber, beta-glucan. So basically, with just a few ingredients, we make a pretty advanced product!

Is oat drink more sustainable than cow’s milk?

Climate change is one of today's biggest and most crucial challenges. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions are created by the meat and dairy industries. This is more than the total combined global emissions from all forms of transportation including boats, trains, cars and airplanes. Moreover, 38% of the earth's ice-free land is used for food industry production and of that area, 75-80% is dedicated to livestock production. Clearly, today’s food system is broken and needs to be changed.

A life cycle assessment based on conditions in Sweden and made by the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), shows that by replacing cow's milk with oat drink, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 80%, land use by 79% and energy consumption by 60%.

Is oat drink healthier than cow’s milk?

In order to achieve better health, it's recommended that we reduce our intake of saturated fat and replace it with unsaturated fat, consume more fiber and increase our intake of vitamins.

In the development of our oat drink, our starting point has been the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. It's a huge benefit that all our products are made from oats since they are naturally rich in fiber and beta-glucans (the soluble fiber found in oats) which are known to lower cholesterol. When we need to add fat to our products, we almost always choose rapeseed oil due to its high proportion of unsaturated fats. And with people who exclude cow's milk from their diet in mind, we enrich our oat drink with about the same amounts of vitamins and minerals that are found in cow’s milk. But as always, when it comes to nutrition and health, a varied and balanced diet is key.